IPR Licensing

The trusted name in British homeware


IPR Licensing works with Prestige® cookware brand, one of the most trusted names in British homewares.

Prestige has been supporting busy home cooks in the UK since 1938.  For over 80 years the business has continued to innovate and deliver a vast range of quality cookware and bakeware, appealing to customers who it describes as ‘everyday mealtime heroes’.  Prestige is recognised around the world for its stand-out heritage product, the iconic Prestige Pressure Cooker, which remains a firm favourite today.

Since 1997 the Prestige business has been part of the wider Meyer Group UK company, the UK’s largest supplier of innovative kitchenware which includes a portfolio of brands, such as gourmet’s favourite Circulon®.

The Prestige impressive ranges of simple, innovative, cookware products provide a strong backdrop for its foray into the brand licensing arena with a focus on SDAs (small domestic appliances), other household appliances, food gadgets, gifting, and related categories. 

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