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Die-cast aircraft and spacecraft


Smithsonian Institution & Corgi

Smithsonian Institution; the world’s largest museum, education and research complex.   With its 20 museums, including the famous National Air and Space Museum located in Washington DC.

Corgi Toys (owned by Hornby Hobbies Limited) is famous for die-cast collectibles since the mid 1950s.

Corgi introduced a range of die-cast aircraft and spacecraft, scale model replicas of the collection displayed in the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum.

One example is the Wright Flyer. An aeroplane from which most other aircraft can trace their lineage, the distinctive Wright Flyer heralded a real advancement in man™s dream of gaining mastery of the air, when it made its first flight on 17th December 1903. Although this flight only lasted for around twelve seconds and covered a relatively modest distance of 120ft, they had just performed one of mankind™s greatest achievements.

Seeped in history and diverse in Air & Space era representation, the Smithsonian collection by Corgi is the perfect introducer range for older children and novice collectors. With detail and quality at its core the collection would please any avid aeronautic or space enthusiast

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