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Interior stylist, creative director, and author


Interior stylist, creative director, and author

Pippa Jameson is the brainchild behind The Sensory Home®,
which specialises in crafting mindful environments that are kind to the senses.

An esteemed interior stylist, creative director, and author with over 25 years of industry experience, she’s been an interior editor on several leading UK titles, appeared on TV as a designer, and travelled the world with her styling work.

Her book, ‘The Sensory Home,’ emphasises the vital connection between our home environment and mental health by utilising all human senses to create calm living spaces. The Sensory Home recently embarked on a groundbreaking project: renovating the first real-life sensory home in Liverpool, which showcases the transformative power of sensory design.

Drawing from personal experience as a parent of a child with autism, Pippa’s deep understanding of sensory design drives her commitment to crafting mindful spaces, services, and products that prioritise well-being.

Pippa Jameson has partnered with IPR Licensing to pursue a number of licensing projects and collaborations for ‘The Sensory Home’.

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