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A future where both people and the planet thrive


A future where both people and the planet thrive

Since the Natural History Museum first opened to the public in 1881, more than a quarter of a billion visitors have walked through the doors to marvel at its contents. Home to more than 80 million specimens of animals, plants, minerals, rocks and fossils from all across the world, it has an irreplaceable record of the planet’s astonishing diversity. Given the age of the institution, many of the collections have great historical as well as scientific value, such as specimens collected by Charles Darwin.

The Natural History Museum is also a world-renowned scientific research centre and has over 300 scientists on staff tackling some of the major natural history challenges facing the world today. Its purpose is to inspire a love of our natural world and unlock answers to the big issues facing humanity.

The Natural History Museum is one of Britain’s most popular destinations, and aside from being a major visitor attraction, its collections also serve as the inspiration behind its ever-growing licensing programme.

IPR Licensing was appointed to support the museum’s licensing leadership and develop opportunities specifically within the categories of homewares, food and drink, children’s games and arts & crafts. IPR proud to have secured  best-in-class licensing partners for Natural History Museum who are able to utilise and be inspired by the museum’s incredible and vast assets in order to create unique, innovative and compelling products for retail.


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